Brand Analytics

Monitor All of Your Locations at the Same Time

It doesn’t matter how much money you pour into national advertising campaigns, customers are still going to judge your brand by how clean the bathroom is at the nearest location. And you can be certain they’re going to make their opinions known.

If you’re a business with multiple locations, you need an easy way to monitor all of your reputation data. Our Brand Analyzer is the best-in-class tool for multi-location reputation reporting.

Review Comparison

Compare scores between locations and identify the best and worst performers, enabling you to better focus your time and effort.

Listing Visibility

See where and how accurately all your business's locations are listed on directories, review sites and social networks.

Post to Multiple Accounts

Using multi-location social posting, you can update Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for several locations at the same time.


From 2 to 2000+ locations. There is no limit on the amount of locations that can be added to reports.

Interactive Roll-up Reports

Monthly reports give you a birdseye view of your online presence and allow you to dig deeper into individual locations.

Your customers are talking about you. Make sure you're listening!

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