A Continuous Open Channel Between You and Your Customers

Seamless, Secure Communication and Collaboration for the Connected World

the connected world

In the Connected World, face-to-face interaction has been radically decreased and this trend will be accelerating. This change creates the need for the secure and efficient online management of business for all enterprises from “mom ‘n’ pops” to multinational powerhouses.

JointWork® allows you to provide ALL prospect or customer facing communications collaboratively using your very own BRANDED platform for all customer interactions – no more use of potentially non-secure video chat or document transmission issues.

Efficient Task Management from Your First Interaction

Handle your customer contacts from an initial conversation through the entire customer journey from being a prospect to becoming a regular long-term client.


No more going from one place to another with time-consuming logons.

Messaging and Discussions

Collaborate through your own “channel” and work with customers interactively conducted on your branded platform.  You can schedule and monitor all your Prospecting and marketing outreach activities through the same platform.  Set up and manage all Outbound Email and Text Marketing efforts with one logon.


You and your customers can make a presentation or work on one interactively and collaboratively – in real time for greater efficiency and speed.  Screen sharing and virtually all other operations are built into your private platform.


Secure Business Connection and Collaboration Financial/Legal Work and Sales.

Customers can be onboarded and transactions can be handled without moving to any other logon.  Documents can be reviewed and interactively edited.  Secure electronic signature is part of the package.

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