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Stuff Businesses Need to Know to Survive & Thrive In A Connected World

Join Us for Our Weekly Online Meeting Series.

These free interactive sessions are part of our continuing effort on how to Inspire Trust®
Providing information and advice to help business owners get and keep customers.

 “How to make sure YOUR business isn’t “invisible”


 What If Your Best Prospective Customers CAN’T FIND YOU ONLINE? (And What You Do to FIX That!)


Having a strong digital presence is no longer a “nice-to-have” it’s now an absolute need for staying in business.

Your business MUST compete for sales in a completely new environment: the connected world.

Whether you are doing online sales or simply want to make sure that buyers who are looking for what you sell can get your contact information, doing business begins with being FOUND ONLINE.

Let two of the top marketing experts in the country help you understand why you may NOT be getting found now – and what you can do about it changing that!

Your hosts and presenters will be talking about how to build an online presence that will:

  • Give you the best chance to be found by prospective customers
  • Engage visitors to your website so you can generate revenue
  • Make the profits you need to keep workers employed, and ultimately keep your business alive and growing despite COVID and issues in the economy.

Join us for the kickoff of a continuing series of webinars about
all the things you have to do to get found, get attention and get business!


Your Hosts

Julie Friend

Julie is more than just a creative business strategist. She has years of successful experience in marketing, sales, research, business consulting, technology, and training with major organizations including Nielsen Marketing Research Corporation, Marketing Corporation of America and MasterCard Worldwide.
Julie has time in successful entrepreneurial endeavors as a consultant, small business owner, and a multi-location franchisee. Learn more about the news and views of Julie Friend, President and CEO of eFriend Marketing, at

Andy chiodo

I’ve been an agency copywriter; creative director and message strategist,; marketing manager; advertising agency principal; and independent consultant. I have also authored several books – The Fine Art of Networking and Social Capital – How to Get It, How to Use It.

I have worked with hundreds of clients, including over 60 of the top 100 consumer brands and almost all of the Fortune 100 as well as small to medium size businesses in virtually every category.