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eFriend Marketing is a contemporary marketing agency that brings years of experience, and cutting edge capabilities to the table, to  help organizations address the marketing challenges they face in the marketplace with a full set of services for online and offline needs.

We love to help people design and maximize their brand message.

Our Mission

Help clients develop, improve, and maintain TRUST with prospects and current clients to create a dominant brand presence for you.

We work with all sizes of organizations from start-ups to local small businesses to non-profit organizations up to and including some of the largest firms in the country.

Our Process

We believe that marketing your brand needs to be a collaborative process. We work WITH you to accommodate any level of involvement YOU want in development and execution.

Do-It-Yourself • We Do It WITH You • We Do It FOR You

Julie Davis Friend

Founder / Creative Business Strategist

Julie is more than just a creative business strategist. She has years of successful experience in marketing, sales, research, business consulting, technology, and training and done with major organizations including Nielsen Marketing Research Corporation, Marketing Corporation of America and MasterCard Worldwide.

Julie has time in successful entrepreneurial endeavors as a consultant, small business owner, and a multi-location franchisee.

Julie is an enthusiast, and an involved participant in many activities in her business and private life.

She has participated in volunteer activities, industry organizations, and on various boards throughout her career. She has served on the board of multiple non-profit organizations and as a board member, consultant and counselor to small and large commercial entities, including as Public Member for the MRFC Board within the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

Julie is an enthusiast, and an involved participant in many activities in business and private life. She is a friend and confidant to many and is trusted and held in high esteem by friends and clients.

Rebecca F. Cachapero

Strategy Partner

A recent graduate of Norwich University, with a B.S. Summa Cum Laude in Communications, Rebecca, more commonly referred to as “Bones,” joined the team in the capacity of Strategy Partner. Using a consultative sales approach, she focuses on building our client base. Through the implementation of eFriend Marketing’s traditional and digital solutions, she helps local businesses to achieve their highest brand potential. Rebecca is responsible for maintaining client contact and profiles to ensure satisfaction and strong consumer-business relationships.

Rebecca also brings creative services to the table, including photography services, and content creation.

I am an avid drinker of tea. My favorite font is Times New Roman, and my favorite number is seven. (No idea why, just a thing.)

I also love backpacks and fun ways to carry what you need to. I do not believe in purses. I am the proud owner of an Athlete pack from @AtlasPacks. I love stickers  and dogs and hedgehogs. I am a firm believer that small wins matter. I love quotes, typewriters, poems, and I get lost in the depths of Pinterest each and every time I get logged in to the site. Every time, without fail. 

Andy Chiodo

Strategist and Expert Creative Business Writer

Holding a BA and MA in Communications from Case Western Reserve, Andy is an accomplished veteran in advertising and PR, writing, research, planning, process. He has with over 3,000 clients ranging in virtually every business category – from the mega-large – Sherwin-Williams, Eli Lilly, JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch and more – to new start-ups and one-person consultancies.

“My work is based on highlighting the unique capabilities of each client – to create a strong story and a positive image.”

My focus is on smaller businesses who want to grow and become more profitable without spending a fortune. “I actually PREFER working with small to medium businesses because helping people is a lot more important to me than making ‘big money’ dealing with large companies.”

Andy is the author of two books, The Fine Art of Networking, and Social Capital:Howto Get it, How to Use It


eFriend Marketing has a very deep talent pool, actually, too many to list, of highly-skilled and experienced professionals in multiple disciplines. With this wide range of resources we can provide the right talent to help you solve any issue or grasp any opportunity.


We are committed to client success in all that we do.

Cutting Edge

Committed to being at the cutting edge with our services.


We are passionate about  our work, and our clients.

Goal Oriented

Our ultimate goal is to build and protect the integrity and trust of the brands that we serve.

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